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500 Answers to Bee Questions

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Author: Amos Ives Root 
Publisher: The A. I. Root Company 

Pertaining to bee behavior, colony management, products of bees and handling and marketing of honey.

2018 GloryBee Catalog

Ingredients for Healthy Living

Pat Turanski, Dick Turanski 

GloryBee has been supplying honey, sweeteners, spices, dried fruits, nuts, oils, and other quality ingredients to natural food manufacturers, bakeries and markets and other stores in the Pacific Northwest for over forty years. GloryBee is family owned and operated in Eugene, Oregon and is dedicated to healthy living.

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Western Bee Supplies, located in Polson, Montana, has been serving all levels of beekeeping from the beginner to the largest of commercial beekeepers since 1965. Western Ponderosa Pine is the source of their products. It allows them to produce high-quality woodenware. For those requiring a more moisture-resistant cover or bottom, they utilize Western Inland Cedar, which has less tendency to warp and rot.  Western Bee stocks most everything the beekeeper needs, from containers of all shapes and sizes to foundation to bee medications to extractors.

2019 Mann Lake Ltd. Catalog

β€œWe Know Bees!”

Since its start in 1983, Mann Lake has worked tirelessly to become the gold-standard in the beekeeping industry. Every day we strive to understand the changing needs of the honey bee. We are working for our customers around the corner and around the world β€”from the first year hobbyist to the seasoned commercial operator. As an employee-owned company, everyone at Mann Lake is committed to your beekeeping success!

2018 Dadent Beekeeping Catalog

Author: Dadant 
Publisher: Dadant & Sons, Inc. 

We are a family-owned business and currently have the sixth generation involved in the business. From humble beginnings on the family farm, our company has expanded to 10 branch locations nationwide and 4 manufacturing facilities that are located near Hamilton, IL. We are happy to serve the United States beekeepers, as well as many overseas customers. Since 1863, the Dadant family has strived to provide quality beekeeping  products and make quality products from beeswax, a natural and renewable resource for all of our customers.