2019 Honey Bee Swarm Collection

The individuals listed in the chart below are willing to collect swarms in the areas that have “X” in them. They are not listed in any order and there is no requirement to make a name selection choice in any specific order. Rather, select the name of a person who is willing to collect a swarm in an area closest to your location.

Note: Towns include surrounding areas, like Blyn and Gardner

Joyce Port Angeles Sequim Name Phone
X Gary Stewart 253-686-0302
X Gregg Graff 360-670-7112
X X John Joseph 360-460-6707
X X Joyce Danner 425-444-7598
X Mark Urnes 360-477-7934
X X X Steve Reinhart 360-457-6599
X Martin Gutowski 360-797-1655
X X X Buddy Depew 360-460-2341
X David Runstrom 360-775-5675
X Aaron and Leah Andrews 360-582-9219
X X Ed Giersch 360-457-7686
X X X Shirley Gump

(Also Bumblebees)

X X X Kari Williamson ‭360-775-4757
X Herb Senft 360-808-5619
X Charles Giefer 801-541-2273
X X Paul Sprague 206-979-6938‬

Check out Wikipedia’s article (along with pictures) on the characteristics of common wasps and bees.

If you find what you believe to be a swarm of honey bees, check out this article to correctly identify the insects before calling for swarm collection. If you have wasps, you will need to call an extermination service.