2019 Honey Bee Swarm Collection

Note: Towns include surrounding areas, like Blyn and Gardner

Joyce Port Angeles Sequim Name Phone
X Herb Senft 360-808-5619
X Charles Giefer 801-541-2273
X X Paul Sprague 206-979-6938‬
X Gary Stewart 253-686-0302
X Gregg Graff 360-670-7112
X X John Joseph 360-460-6707
X X Joyce Danner 425-444-7598
X Mark Urnes 360-477-7934
X X X Steve Reinhart 360-457-6599
X Martin Gutowski 360-797-1655
X X X Buddy Depew 360-460-2341
X David Runstrom 360-775-5675
X Aaron and Leah Andrews 360-582-9219
X X Ed Giersch 360-457-7686
X X X Shirley Gump

(Also Bumblebees)

X X X Kari Williamson ‭360-775-4757

Check out Wikipedia’s article (along with pictures) on the characteristics of common wasps and bees.

If you find what you believe to be a swarm of honey bees, check out this article to correctly identify the insects before calling for swarm collection. If you have wasps, you will need to call an extermination service.