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I remain a honey bee supporter and club member but will "retire" from the attempt at bee keeping. Therefore, I have assorted paraphernalia available plus a top bar Warre hive (built by Walt and never occupied) that I would give to a young man or woman who is just starting out.

Thank you very much,
George Will

Local Sequim honey for sale. Medicine free hives to guarantee honey as pure as nature intended.

RAW and Unfiltered, this honey is strained but retains existing pollen composition, acting as a source of natural vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes proteins and minerals.

I have three extractions. Spring, Summer and early Fall. Some delicious creamed honey is also available for 1.00 more.
Six blue ribbons at the county fair, the tastes are different but all are great.

Small sampler 1/4 pint for $4.00 1/2 pint $6.00 1 pint $11.00

Herb Senft (360) 808-5619