(We appreciate DNR sharing this information with our beekeepers and thanks again to Dan and Judy Harvey of Olympic Wilderness Apiary for passing it along to us.)

Dan and Judy are sharing another set of spray maps they have received from DNR. Two additional contracts are included (1777 & 1778).

Dan asked DNR how the spray is being applied and DNR answered that the areas will be BACKPACK APPLIED.

Contract 1777 is for May 13 to June 30. Contract 1778 is for May 20 to June 30.

The maps take a few minutes to use. In order to use the maps, first you must know your section number within the Township and Range of Clallam County. Then refer to the DNR map(s) provided in the linked folder below and find your location(s).


Please direct further questions to:

Matt Perry
Intensive Management Forester
Olympic Region
Washington Department of Natural Resources