Meeting - Sunday, June 9, 1019

12 noon: Beginning Beekeeping Class
1:00 pm: Business Meeting
1:15 pm: The Ancient Craft of Bee- Lining.

Blending art with science, the ancient craft of Bee-Lining will be presented by Rex at the June meeting. Rex has become a premier bee hunter having studied and practiced with pretty much everything ever written on this subject clear back to ancient Rome. However, unlike the old-timers, the bee hunting Rex practices today is intended exclusively for recreational purposes. Rex does not capture wild bees or their honey, or harm their homes. You won’t want to miss this incredibly interesting talk all about hunting and locating wild honey bee colonies. And be sure to check out his You-Tube Channel. >> channel/UCghDTRDHxHG_NBRbrkUC6Lg

Recent Research on Varroa Destructor

Greg Butler did an awesome job sharing the latest research on Varroa mites. It was once thought that the greatest damage to the honey bee was within the cell during the larval stage of the developing bee, particularly in drone cells. It is now known that the greatest damage is done to the adult bee as findings strongly suggest that Varroa are exploiting the fat body as their primary source of sustenance: a tissue integral to proper immune function, pesticide detoxification, overwinter survival, and several other essential processes in healthy bees. These findings underscore a need to revisit our understanding of this parasite and its impacts, both direct and indirect, on honey bee health. Learn more from the article, “Varroa destructor feeds primarily on honey bee fat body tissue and not hemolymph”, Ramsey, et. al., Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences | January 29, 2019 | vol. 116 | no. 5 | 1801

Queen Rearing and Bee Breeding Workshop

June 14 & 15, 2019

Ready to take beekeeping to the next level? For those who already have a working foundation in beekeeping, the WSU bee team is offering an event to introduce you to fundamental tools for stock improvement. This two day workshop is designed to improve your understanding of queen rearing, bee breeding systems, and selection methods though a combination of presentations and hands-on demonstrations. We will also introduce you to the more advanced techniques of instrumental insemination and cryopreservation.

Instructors: Susan Cobey, Brandon Hopkins, Tim Lawrence, Steve Sheppard, Nick Naeger, Jennifer Han, and Melanie Kirby, along with guest speakers.

Location: Washington State University, Pullman campus Plan on two all day meetings. The time of day and schedule of activities will be sent with your registration confirmation.

Mail in or On-Line registration form is open now.

f you have any questions or would like additional information, please email: or call the Department of Entomology at 509-335-5422.


(We appreciate DNR sharing this information with our beekeepers and thanks again to Dan and Judy Harvey of Olympic Wilderness Apiary for passing it along to us.)

Dan and Judy are sharing another set of spray maps they have received from DNR. Two additional contracts are included (1777 & 1778).

Dan asked DNR how the spray is being applied and DNR answered that the areas will be BACKPACK APPLIED.

Contract 1777 is for May 13 to June 30. Contract 1778 is for May 20 to June 30.

The maps take a few minutes to use. In order to use the maps, first you must know your section number within the Township and Range of Clallam County. Then refer to the DNR map(s) provided in the linked folder below and find your location(s).

Please direct further questions to:

Matt Perry
Intensive Management Forester
Olympic Region
Washington Department of Natural Resources

Celebration of Science & Technology 2019 GeekOut!

Saturday, May 11, 2019 ~ 10:00 a.m.– 4:00 p.m.
Port Angeles City Pier and Feiro Marine Life Center

The Celebration of Science & Technology (a.k.a. GeekOut!) is hosted by Feiro Marine Life Center at the Port Angeles City Pier. Member organizations from across the north Olympic Peninsula volunteer their time and energy to support this annual science oriented event. NOPBA has again been invited to participate.

This is the first public event of the season for us. We will have our NOPBA booth set up on the City Pier that morning. There is always a lot of interest in honey bees and our members volunteer to help promote our public relations. Be sure and stop by to see us, or better yet, come give us a hand answering questions about bees and beekeeping. It really is a lot of fun.

This all day educational festival celebrates the role science plays in our daily lives. Its free, and features:

  • Booths providing information from Olympic Peninsula organizations and businesses.

  • Posters displaying scientific information and principles.

  • Presentations offering informative details from experts in fields of science or technology.

  • “Science on Display” honors the many real scientists who live and work on the Peninsula.

  • And more. . .

New addition to our NOPBA Library!

Storey’s Guide to Keeping Honey Bees

This trusted handbook is a must-have for novice and seasoned beekeepers alike. Now totally redesigned and featuring color photos and graphics, the second edition also includes up-to-date information on honey bee health. The go-to reference presents comprehensive yet accessible information on everything from planning hives and installing a colony to preventing disease and managing productive hives that will bear bountiful honey harvests year after year.

This book is part of the online Apprentice-Level Beekeeping Course curriculum at the the University of Montana Division of Biological Sciences as BIOB 191 Apprentice Level Beekeeping.

Dr. Malcolm T. Sanford is professor emeritus at the University of Florida. His work has appeared in numerous apicultural publications, including the journals, Bee Culture and American Bee Journal. For more than 20 years he has written an apiculture newsletter featuring beekeeping information from around the world. Sandford is also the developer of the Apis Information Resource Center:

The late Richard E. Bonney was a master beekeeper in Massachusetts and author of the classic books Hive Management and Beekeeping.

May Newsletter

The May Newsletter is now available at

  • Info regarding all kinds of fun and informative events coming up;

  • Links to spray maps received from the Department of Natural Resources;

  • How to lure your swarms to a mini-platorm on the end of a stout pole and get them re-hived;

  • A look at a custom-built “tree Hive”

and much, much more. Check it out!

NOPBA Monthly Meeting on May 5th

Please note that the May monthly meeting will take place on May 5, 2019 from 12 Noon to 2:30 PM, beginning at noon with the Beginning Beekeeping Class followed by the general meeting. Greg Butler will be sharing the latest research on Varroa mites, regarded as one of the greatest risks to honey bee health. Don’t miss this important presentation.

Plant Sale & Raffle

Port Angeles Garden Club

Saturday Morning, May 4th - 9am to 1pm, P.A held at the Senior Center on 328 E. 7th Street

Healthy reasonably priced shrubs, perennials, annuals, veggie starts and BASKET STUFFERS!

Raffle for a Trip to Victoria

April Newsletter

Check out April’s newsletter, accessed at for another informative and fun compilation of news, facts, upcoming events, and more. Thanks to Greg for another excellent publication!

NOPBA Mentorship Program

Sometimes, it’s just nice to have someone to call. One of the benefits of NOPBA membership is our mentorship program. Our program is intended to provide those just starting in beekeeping a solid foundation and support.

Field experience with a mentor is an opportunity for active, hands on experience working with bees, hives, and beekeeping equipment. As a mentee, you choose the level of involvement. Optional activities are organized by the beekeeping season and availability of the participants. Mentoring matchups will be in place for the calendar year.

Copies of the program handout as well as the sign ups will be available at the April meeting or sign-up online.

Coffee Group

WHERE: Common Grounds Cafe, 525 E. 8th St., Port Angeles


Saturday mornings, 8:30 am, Everyone welcome!

Discuss Beekeeping Topics

On March 16th, Rex provided a short focused presentation on a portion of Derek Mitchell’s new work comparing the different physical properties of natural tree cavities with those of man-made beehives. It’s not news that tree cavity spaces are preferable environments for honey bees because they are the “natural” choice. But for perhaps the first time in the history of beekeeping, by utilizing measurement techniques and analysis from a background in mechanical engineering (computational fluid dynamics), Dr. Mitchell, himself a beekeeper in the U.K., has shown how the internal heat reservoirs of various cavity space configurations are physically influenced by top and bottom entrances in the presence or absence of hive insulation.

  • Tom Seeley was recently quoted in a podcast saying, “I wish we would have known about these findings years ago.” Mitchell’s research is now showing us the physics of “how” the properties of tree cavities are superior to our thin walled man-made boxes. Indeed, beginning now, this information will be influencing how many of us will be managing our bees this year. To find out more, come join us. Check out Derek Mitchell’s work below:: 

Ratios of colony mass
Thermal efficiency
Top Ventilation

Please note our collection of background material on the internal hive atmosphere is available on the Resources link.

We’re all learning and the whole idea of a bee club is to have some fun. Please join us every Saturday (until further notice), for informal discussions about anything of bee related interest.

As the season progresses, we will be following coffee with apiary visits.

NOPBA April Monthly Meeting

Our next regularly scheduled monthly meeting will be held April 14th at the Port Angeles Library.  The Beginning Beekeepers class begins at noon, with a short business meeting at 1:00, followed by a presentation by Herb Senft,  “Landscaping for Pollinators”.  Please join us.

Meeting Time for May

There is a meeting date change since Mother’s Day usually falls on our usual meeting date on the second Sunday of the month. The May meeting will take place, instead, on the first Sunday of the month on May 5, 2019 from 12 Noon to 2:30 PM, beginning at noon with the second Beginning Beekeeping Class.

Beginning Beekeeping Classes

March 10, 2019 - Beginning Beekeeping Classes begin.

Throughout the season, this series of ten one-hour beginning beekeeping classes are held starting at noon prior to our general business meetings which begin at 1:00PM. Optionally, for individuals wishing to pursue certification, successful completion of this class meets the requirements of Washington State Beekeepers Association Beginning Beekeeper Certification. Class material includes a workbook/manual for $20.00

2019 Classes Poster.jpg

February Meeting - Weather Alert

We had planned to have a very special guest speaker, Sue Cobey, on Sunday, Feb 10. However, due to inclement weather, Sue would like to visit us another time.

Mark Urnes, our Education Coordinator, would like to proceed with the beekeeping class at noon on Sunday. Barring any major change in weather. Similarly, it will be followed by a brief business meeting/open discussion for those in attendance.

I’ll post here if there is an update or change from this plan.